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Adult Programs
Adult Volleyball
En Plein Air Painting Courses
Exercise Programs
Adult Yoga
Bodysculpting/Phenomenal Abdominals
Feeling Fit
Full Body Fitness with Cathy
Men's Hoops
Adult Tennis Programs
Adult Tennis (Beginner & Intermediate)
USTA Adult Tennis League
Aquatic Programs
Diving Clinic (Ages 7-15)
Learn to Swim 2018
Summer Swim Team 2018 (Ages 5-18)
Water Aerobics
Preschool Programs
Little Hoopers Ages 3-5
Preschool Playtime (Ages 5 & under)
Youth Programs
2018 Fall Cheerleading (Grades 3-6)
Creative Cupcakes (Ages 5 & up)
En Plein Air Painting Course (Ages 8-14)
Girls Lacrosse Camp (Grades K-8)
Karate (Ages 7 & Up)
Lacrosse Clinic (Grades K-3)
No School Youth Yoga Clinic (Gr. 4-8)
Skateboarding (Ages 7 & up)
Track & Field (Grades 2-8)
Youth Cheerleading Camp (Grades 1-6)
Youth Indoor Golf Clinic
Youth Sports
2018 Baseball (ages 3-6)
SIXERS: Group 1
SIXERS: Group 2
TEE BALL (age 5) 10:30AM
TEE BALL (age 5) 9:30AM
2018 Football
Fall Flag Football (Grades 3-4)
Fall Flag Football (Grades 5-6)
Fall Flag Football (Grades K-2)
Modified Tackle Football (Grades 3-4)
Tackle Football (Grades 5-6)
2018 Volleyball
Summer Youth Volleyball Clinic (Grades 4-8)
Youth Girls Volleyball League (Grades 3-4)
Youth Girls Volleyball League (Grades 5-6)
Youth Girls Volleyball League (Grades 7-9)
Basketball 2017-2018
3x3 Summer Hoops (Grades 3-8)
TNBA Mini Dribblers (Grades K-3)
TNBA Spring Break Clinic (Grades 3-8)
TNBA Summer Basketball Camp (Ages 7-15)
TNBA Summer Challenge Camp (Grades 3-8)
Youth Tennis 2017/18
Ages 2-4
Ages 4-10
Combination Quickstart/Match Play Tennis
Indoor Afterschool Quickstart Tennis (Gr K-2)
Indoor Afterschool Quickstart Tennis (Gr. 3-4)
Indoor Afterschool Quickstart Tennis (Gr. 5-8)
Indoor Afterschool Youth Match Play (Gr. 3-8)
Indoor Weekend Parent & Child Tennis
Junior Tennis (Grades 4-9)
Outdoor Afterschool Tennis (Ages 2-13)
Outdoor Parent/Child Tennis (Ages 2-10)
Play Day/Kids on Court (Ages 6-10)
Tennis Camp (Ages 5-10)